Tuesday, July 09, 2013

19. may, 2013 Wedding of Estera and Mihai

Tonight's post is going to be ALL about pictures. And by pictures I mean true masterpieces by Paul Cimpoies. Ofcourse this work of art would have never been so perfect without the warm and lovely people on them. I think me, Igor and kids were blessed to meet such wonderful people in our lives. So here they come, the pictures of Estera's and Mihai's wedding with my comments (:

Not to forget- all the pictures are property of Paul Cimpoies and using them for your own good without asking is stealing!
 These people are born with the fotogenic gene, aren't they? (;

 Never met anyone who adores his bride more than Mihai!

And he raised his leg again, he fancy boy! 

 Gorgeous Estera, always so sweet

 Mihai, my best friend from another galaxy. Sorry, I mean from another country!

 Picture perfect (:

 Le kiss!

That's the Mihai I know! Haha, those funny pictures of them were hilarious..

 Little tuning before the big thing

My princesses getting ready to be the prettiest flower girls (:

 Mihai's parents Ana and Ioan. I am very proud to meet such great couple!

 Bride's sister and mother. I miss them a lot!

 Looks like Mihai is ready
 The flower sets were so beautiful

 Estera's bouquet that was containing 39 roses.. or was it 49?

 Here comes the ring!

 LE KISS !!!

Breathtakingly bautiful wedding party rooms

 Tables were decorated by more and more flowers!

 The cakes! I'm sorry my friends, but these were one of the most memorable things from this wedding :D

Those with white coverings where my favourites, never ever have I eaten such delights (:

There was 5 courses at wedding party and each one was so delicious! In the end we felt like stuffed piggies. Nom nom nom!

 Anne Mai approves, the cakes really were amazing!

Flowergirl Anete resting after such a hard work :)

 Anete found a friend! She was such a nice girl, unfortunately I don't remember her name..

 Those pretty brown-eyed romanian girls (:

 Ahaa! I remember when I suddenly caught Estera and Mihai making pictures with my kids. Aren't they gorgeous together?

 One of most inspirational people I was glad to meet- Estera's granny

Mihai's cousin, future mom of 5 children and very sweet and funny person- Andrea (:

 Three beautiful girlfriends! I choose this picture cause I was honoured to meet all of them, some more and some less, but I will never forget any of them

 Mihai and Estera's awsome-saucom sister Ana. Hugs to you, sis!

One family beauties (:

 Haha! Last pictures that were made outside in bright, bright sun. Me and Estera
 This girl was the winner of Estera's bouquet, lucky her!

 Le cake! Very delicious!

Me, Igor and girls want to thank you for letting us into your home and into your hearts. These days spent with you all are the most memorable events in our lives. Thank you very much for the hospitality, we love you all!

8 Responses to “19. may, 2013 Wedding of Estera and Mihai”

  1. woooow i feel honoured to be part of your life :D and to be on your great blog, of course. it was a special day and we are both happy that you were there to make us happy and to support us and to let us borrow your kids for pictures (say whaaat ?! :D )thank you for all the beautiful words and for all the beautiful memories.

    1. I say.. no, thank you! ;)

      This was my most awsome journey ever !!!

  2. It was one of the best days ever! :) Such a great people all around. Nice and friendly. Thanks so much for supper great hospitality!

  3. You're welcome any time to come back and visit us, next time it's gonna be in Timisoara, with less stress and more time to visit beautfiul places in Romania :) Until then, we're hoping to get to Slovenia as soon as possible!
    Love you guys very much, you two and your beautiful girls!! Thank you so much for coming here to be with us and everything, we feel blessed to have you as friends !!

    Kisses and hugs!!

    PS. maybe this time next year we'll be looking at photos from another wedding, can't tell who's.... :))

    1. Can't wait to have you over and show you the same hospitality. You two and your families are adorable. And again.. sad that you live so far away from us, cause you just are my favourite people (:

      Well you never know what will happen next year (;

  4. Im glad that you felt good to us.You are a beautiful famili and glad i met you. Thanks for the kind words and be blessed you and your wonderful girls.
    Will kiss, Camelia

    1. Thank you, Camelia!

      All the same and even more to you! Say hi to papa Hamburger from us. Next time maybe we can practise some hungarian cause now I have a go-worker from Hungary (:

      Lots of kisses to you!