Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A pretty boy in pink

Yesterday I spent some of my free time at Ljubljana's supermarket, waiting for my ride to pick me up. I was going through toy and book section at Spar when I noticed a huge pile of pretty pink books. Observing these book closely I noticed how stongly they are focused on girls - cooking for little princesses, cooking book for girls. As a child I would have loved to get such book with many easy recipes to develop my skills in kitchen. But would have I called myself a princess? Certainly not.

I am not bothered by these things usually, cause I know how well most products in stores are divided by gender. And even then I have no problem picking a men's deodorant, cause they tend to be more effective or men's shower gel, cause often they smell better than the ones made for women. The most that bother's me is how these things divide people no matther if they even want it. As I said before I wouldn't have called myself a princess as a child. Quite honestly there were only few girly things that interested me and I even dressed like a boy. 

A pink lip balm set and a blue volcane set. Spar, 2014

Oftenly I felt like I had expectations to fill and had to behave more appropriately to a girl. Don't run so much, don't be so loud, comb your hair, sit nicely - and this didn't happen on some special occasion, no these were every day situations. Every day situations where a boy would have been just a boy and a girl would have been rude and without manners. I have always been stubborn and when I felt pressured to be someone I wasn't, it made me feel hurt, closed and angry. Now I also understand why I didn't feel like I fit with rest of the girls at school. But hey, there were expectations I needed to meet.

Needless to say I am a very vain boyish girl. Every day I dress as comfortable as possible, but still stylish. My feet rarely meet high heals, but that is mostly due to my hight and laziness. I can fill my phone with selfies, but who said boys cannot do it. My make up drawer contains 5 times more products than my average blog reader. I don't care much about home work or decorating home, so most of this work is divided by me and my boyfriend. I like to cook, but I like it even more when someone else cooks. I love long hair, but prefer it short. I am the one in family who makes most of the desicions. At night I cannot wait to cuddle into Igor's warm arms and smile like I am crazy in love. I find women to be prettier than men. I would prefer to have a lot smaller breasts.

So who am I? I am Jaanika, duh! :D Being an adult is much easier, which still doesn't mean there won't be any eyebrows raised when I say Igor is doing lot of homework or he is the one putting kids to sleep while I am checking DSLR cameras on web. And we all know it's very common the other way. So here is my call to action - women, brake these "rules" and be who you want to be. And most of all, be with someone who accepts you they way you are and won't make any effort changing you. I have to admit - god, how I love being me! :)

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