Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Igor: What is feels like to have a blogger girlfriend

Being a boyfriend of a blogger is and is not easy at the same time. Writing a blog needs lot of work to describe details and ofcourse it is very time consuming. I told myself, ok, she will write a nice blog - few edited pictures and a text to fill it, should be that hard.. wrong. :D Just pictures take lot of time, yup pictures.. and many of them!

My supercool girl Jaanika is enyoing her time taking photos and writing to you. When she said she will start writing a blog, I supported her because I know she is very talented in writing and has a good sense of humor which all of you can see in her posts. I also like to read her writings and sometimes even comment. Especially I like it how vivid she describes the things we have experienced and talks about it in her blog. And if I want, I can go and read her old posts to remember good memories at particular occasion. 

Later on she started taking pictures and took camera with her every where we went. Cannot pass a chance for a great picture! Or miss any opportunity to capture something good what she sees. It's not like we take one picture and go home. Nope, each photo must be perfect! Light must be perfect, position, distance and finally the camera's settings. If something is not good enough, we must go ahead and look for better object. 

I know such work is time consuming and burns lot of energy, but she wants her readers to have the best pictures and content. Sometimes I help her with taking photos - hold the object, or create special background, or even go for a walk around city or countryside. There are days that I wish we just go for a stroll holding hands and enjoy each other.. without camera, cause lot of times we have to stop for a click. :D

Some nights turn out long when she is editing photos and writing blog very enthusiasticly. I said once, honey, stop for now, continue some other day and get rest. But she replied that she just started and even hasn't started with the text and I know how sometimes editing can take several hours. The end product is usually very beautiful, but also time consuming. 

The only thing that I want is that you don't waste your nerves so much, especially when the results are not as you wanted (even though you worked for hours). But then I remind myself that if I was in her shoes, I would probably do the same. Now I have already gotten use to it and I don't mind, cause she also makes great photo sessions of me and kids. And our photoshoots go from serious to really fun, so this is how I enjoy our time spent together and try to make the best of it. Nothing more to say but this.. keep those nice posts and pictures coming, honey! Musi. :)

Jaanika: Igor with his mommie <3

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  1. Seda oli väga armas lugeda :) Sul on vedanud , tundub väga hea mees olevat :)

    1. Sa oled täiesti õigesti aru saanud. Igor on tõepoolest üks väga hea mees. :) Aitäh!