Monday, August 04, 2014

Finding LOVE on internet

I'm quite right when I say that novadays people do EVERYTHING on internet. Internet has become such basic need as water or food, so it is hard to imagine our lives without it. But what do you think about dating and finding love of your life there? Well I have a certain opinion about it since me and Igor met nowhere else but.. each one on the other side of screen. :)

Positive sides

Basically you can meet anyone from anywhere. There are loads of internet dating sites, so if you feel like men or women from your country are not quite it, pick an international dating website and start "marketing" yourself. It was absolutely coincidence that I am living in Slovenia. If Igor would be from any other country, that's where I would be also.

If a person is shy with meeting new people, it is much easier to do it througah inernet and then step by step open more to each. I was talking with my boyfriend for a long time just by typing on chat. We also were facebook friends, but rarly talked there. So it took us long time from typing to having skype calls and finally meeting in real.

When you get to talk to someone first whithout seeing him or her, I think you first fall in love with their soul and personality. So when you finally see person in live you won't emphasise so much on the looks. Me and Igor are same hight and I might have never fallen in love with him if he was just someone walking by me on street. This is the main point why I think internet dating ROCKS (and I don't even want to think what would my life be without him now)! :D

Negative sides

The person you meet can be all fake. Remember that boy who got caught with that spanish man forcing him to make porn and in the end killed himself? Yea, I'm talking about that kind of stuff. I mean you can never be sure if the person has good interests in you or not. And these people tend to be so good with words they can make kind and maybe bit naive people fall in love. Then it is so easy to trick them doing into something they probably  wouldn't do otherwise.

The person you met on dating site can be very nice and you start to hang out with him more and more and one day you find out that the other side has many girls at the same time. So this can be a very big dissapointment cause you probably felt something special between you and couldn't imagine that you would have ten more guys you gave the same words to.

Before Igor, many many years ago I met a french guy who I still keep in contact. Now he is married and has adorable little baby girl, but back then I had a huge crush on him. Basically he gave me lot of courage with meeting people through internet and kinda restored my faith in men in general. Thank you, David! Then many years later Igor came into my life. What I loved about it then (and still do) that I never had to question his honesty and he likes to always tell where he is, goes and his plans - sounds like a real catch, girls? :D

Me and Igor 2 years ago

Us now - looks like we are like good wine, getting better every year. :)

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