Friday, July 11, 2014

Photography: tips to improve your landscape photos

On my way to work through city central (photo taken by Zopo ZP988)

Today I left work 2 hours before cause I was crazy impatient to get home and start packing. And how did that end? It ended on couch, eating homemade Raffaellos and scrolling Instagram. But I was really sleepy since cat woke us up at 5 am and I didn't fall back to sleep. So in the afternoon, when Igor arrived home we went to buy goodies and here I am, typing a blog article, ZERO stuff packed. I promised Igor I will do it in the morning, cause lately I am much more early bird than night owl.

Since I will have amazing opportunity to take photos of incredible landscapes one week, I wanted to be really prepared and catch 100% from this opportunity. Who doesn't know, then we will be going to Bohinj and here you can check more pictures about this dreamy area. My old friend Digital Photography School helped me with some quite good tips and hopefully I can show off my work already next week!

I am not a jealous girl and I will share my knowledge about taking better pictures of landscapes. Here we go:

- try to capture as many scene in focus as possible. This means you will have to use smaller aperture (read: bigger number) and you will have greates depth in your shots.

- have a little helper named tripod with you. If you choose to have smaller aperture (like f20), you also need to have longer shutter speed, meaning your baby, the camera need to be as still as possible.

- definitely find a focal point so your photos won't look boring and without a story. Also keep and eye where you place it, here comes the rule of thirds to help you out. 

- look around and find an interesting foreground and this might even mean you might have to get low, real low.. and this also means your horizon will get high, SO high.. :P

- don't forget the beautiful sky! If it's pretty dull looking, leave it, but if it's screaming like a model needing your attention, place the horizon lower and let sky have more room. 

- fill your picture with interesting line(s) that can act as a point of interest, and create gorgeous patterns.

I hope you found this to be interesting and helpful for you, but if you feel like needing for more material, please check DPS article about landscape photography tips. But enough of writing, I have my man, my kids, my camera, my tripod, my stuff that I haven't yet packed and I hope NOT to see you next week. Will do my best to stay away from internet, but you never know when I might get the urge to write..

See you in Bohinj! ;)

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