Sunday, July 20, 2014

Now I know: Romanians

I met my first romanian friend many years ago when I was playing World of Warcraft. Wasn't long time since we became good friends, practically knew everything about each other and in the end he invited me to his wedding. Wow, this escalated quickly! Since I didn't know much about romanians before I had some kind of prejudice about them (mostly women) made up in my head. So what did I think about them?

- short
- fat
- gypsie like
- eastern europe clothing
- not so nice looking
- loud

Then suddenly my eyes were opened by Mihai's girlfriend  Estera (they weren't married then) who was absolutely GORGEOUS. She has the face of a goddess - big eyes, most pretty shaped eyebrows and a smile to mealt your heart. And she wasn't even fat or short! But probably Mihai got the nicest girl in his town, was my thought. 

I think at some point I like her more than Mihai :D

My eyes were totally opened when last year I finally got the change to visit Romania and spend some days at Estera's home. I don't know why am I even writing this.. maybe to show that I might look perfect but even I have flaws? :P Anyway - I never met any short, fat, gypsie look a like, loud, ugly women. Instead all the ladies I came up with were:

- extremely beautiful like Estera
- very stylish. When I say very, I really mean it.
- in good shape
- friendly
- warm hearted
- kind
- interesting

Driving back home I was so ashamed for even letting those stupid thoughts in my head at all! Like Estera's mother was so loving person, I wished that I could be as good mommy as she is to her 3 girls. Yes, sometimes I meet such inspiring people who make me want to be a better person also. And it wasn't only me, it was Igor also who was mind-blown happy after meeting our friends and their families and we were talking about them all the way back to Slovenia, only good things ofcourse. ;)

Later on I got a romanian coworker Andrea who is the most stylish from our office and also cute as a button.

Well now I know..

8 Responses to “Now I know: Romanians”

  1. Muidugi on selle rahvuse seas ilusaid ja tarkasid inimesi. Nagu iga rahvuse seas :) Paraku hinnatakse enamikke neist just üldmulje järgi, mille on tekitanud immigrandid. Näiteks võin ma öelda, et pea 80% Prantsusmaa tänavatel olevatest kerjustest/taskuvarastest on Rumeenlased ja ka minu telefoni varas lastearsti juures ära just Rumeenia koduperenaine.

    Ometigi ei tähenda see seda, et ma leiaks, et nad kõik oleksid vargad või petturid. Paljudes maades peetakse eestlasi ainult kerglasteks joodikuteks, mis on ka väga üldistav :D

    1. Rumeenlastega on vist see lugu, et neid on kuramuse palju. Ja kuna elu enda riigis on üsna nukker liiguvad nad mujale riikidesse. Pakun, et Eesti on ainus paik, kus neid pole. :D

      Muidu, kas sa pidasid silmas ikka rumeenlasi, või hoopis Romaani mustlaseid? Peale selle, et nende nimi on sarnane, pole neil ühiseid esivanemaid ning Rumeenias ollakse nendega samamoodi hädas nagu näiteks Sloveeniaski. :S

      Ja eestlased.. kuuldavasti kerglased joodikud ja kerglased naised. :D

  2. Tead! Mul tuli täitsa pisar silma seda postitust lugedes. Sa oled nii tore ja hea südamega inimene! Tahaksin ka selline olla. Tihtiei saa ma ise ka aru saanud, kui vastik bitch ma olla võin. Sa vähemalt tunnistad oma mitte meeldimisi ja annad inimestele võimaluse oma arvamust muuta. Ja sellest kõigest veel nii ilus postitus kirjutada..... Kadestan sind :)
    Aitäh, et oma hea südamega (ja postitustega) mind ka paremaks muudad!

    1. Oh issake, ajasid mulle endale nüüd pisara silma. :)

      Ma olen/olin kohutavatest eelarvamustes, kuid ma nüüd üritan ennast veidi näpistada enne, kui hakkan teisi arvustama. Kuid muutused ei tule üleöö ja praegu sean pühaks eesmärgiks selle, et kasvatan oma tütred sõbralikeks ja näpuga mittenäitavateks inimesteks. Eelkõige on endal elu parem, kui ei kogu negatiivseid emotsioone. :)

      Merili, sa oled nii lahe inimene ja aitäh, et oled kuidagi läbi arvutiekraani minu ellu jõudnud. <3

  3. You've left me speechless, I could not belive my eyes when I've seen it this morning. Let me just say that you forgot to mention about the latin part of the romanians, how we boil quickly and talk without thinking it through :)) (and I don't think that you were wrong about the loud part, we tend to be loud) :))

    Thank you for the compliments, I don't know if I deserve them all but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is what you think of me and my family, maybe the circumstances where not the best when you guys were around (we were under a lot of stress due to the wedding and we didn't have so much time to show you around) but I honestly hope to have another chance to do things right the next time we meet you!


    And about the gypsie people.. Rroma people are not the same as Romanians! Rroma people also live in other countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, etc, and they have nothing to do with the people who are originaly romanians for example, they only damage the image of our contry.. :(

    1. Europe is such a crazy bunch of mixed nations that noone really knows eachother. But I understand totally that if you are confused with criminal gypsies, then it's far from with whom you would like to be mixed up with.

      I believe you were stressed with all the planning for wedding, but I must admit you were good at hiding it, cause we felt so warm and relaxed at your home. And do you remember how fast the days went by? It all was like a one big dream that we were awaken from too fast. :) Honestly I have thought about it millions of times how we could meet again, cause yes, those days were not enough for us and we really need to get tired of each fully for once and all. :D

      Maybe next time you can help me with my wedding and it would be an honour if you two special people will be there. ;)

  4. Lugesin just eelmist kommentaari, tahtsin ka öelda, et rumeenlased ei ole rommad ehk mustlased :).