Monday, July 21, 2014

Last free days

I have this one side that I don't show off much, but rather keep it hidden and it's stubborness. So when I took the idea to walk 2 km downhill and 2 km uphill under burning sun just to get baking goods from store, I didn't care what anyone said. 

"You will burn!"
"You will mealt"

Knowing myself I have physically no problem to do it, but damn it was hot. But I got the chance to walk on road that goes next to gardens and still after long time in Slovenia, still be amazed. When in Estonia it will take quite some time to get your own garden fruits, then here it is much faster. Plus fruits that won't grow at all or need some special care like grapes. 

I have loved taking walks alone since forever! It is the best way to clear mind and feel how the pure happiness is flowing through my body. Not to forget the change to have peaceful time to take photos and that is what I used second time that day when I went to wonder off at fields and forests. Allthough I didn't get much shots that day, I was still very relaxed, also tired and feeling great.

So I can say that my last free days were like a vacation after vacation that I really needed. I won't talk anything about Bohinj today, but be expecting a long post any time soon. Have a nice start of week, guys! :)

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