Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where I would take Igor // Tartu

Hey all! This post is going to be 100% in english, cause it is mostly meant for my dear foreign readers, but also to all others. I have thought that if we would go to honeymoon or trip somewhere with family, I would choose Estonia - there is so much to be seen even for myself. I will start with Tartu because it is my hometown, I know it well and it means a lot to me. Last time we all were there, we spent just one day in Tartu and I was so sad we couldn't go anywhere. So once at a boring class, I just wrote down ALL the places I want to take Igor in Estonia.

Toome Hill and Angel Bridge (source

Toome Hill
When you are going to Toome Hill, it is like you are getting a whole new experience compared to the other parts of city. Tartu Old Anatomical Theatre, University's History Museum and other great buildings will keep you amazed for a long time and I know Igor as a huge history fan would love it up there.

Gunpodwer cellar (source

Gunpowder cellar
I bet it's the most unique restaurant anyone would ever step in. Me and Igor would go when it's houseband, order some huge beers, lot of tasty snacks and enjoy the fantastic interior. I am not sure how it used to be, but when I went there last, it was always full. So I think it is concidered one of the most popular places in Tartu among locals and turists.

Werner's cafe (source

Werner's cafe
Once you go there, have your cake and coffee, no other place will match your expectations. Really. The best place and the delightful cake selection is just mindblowing. And the prices are cheap compared to the quality you are getting. This place is loved among citizens from age 1 to 100! I bet me and Igor will roll out from there..

Sirius fastfood grillhamburger - almost same as my favourite chicken burger (source

Sirius and Fasters fastfood
From Sirius we will take the chicken filee burger and from Fasters ofcourse the shashlik burger. Both of them are fucking delicious and you can only quess if I am drewling right now. Yep, you quessed right!

Tartu Railroad Station (source

Walk around Kuperjanow Street
This is the place where I was born and I lived at first - I think it's one the best places to live in Tartu. Not to leave out that there you can find best second hand stores. I really miss shopping from second hand stores because it was like a treasure hunt - you never knew what cool items you can get! In Slovenia they sell used clothes under the name of vintage and put high price on it, but from real drift shops you can find lot of cheap stuff.

Early stork on Ihaste's meadow (

This is the second important place for me in Tartu. There I spent all of my summers until I turned 15. I know lot has changed since I was there, but I would like Igor to see this place because of it's importance to me. And ofcourse we wuld go and visit my best friend Jaanika who lives there with her family - miss her so much!

This is it for Tartu. Ofcourse there would be lot more very important friends to visit and why not join me and Igor for a burger or a cake! :)

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  1. Mmm sounds very interesting and exciting! ;) :* looking forward to visit all the places.

    1. Oh we shall see them all! :)
      But I'm really dissapointed that we even didn't make it to getting a burger...

  2. I guess I just need to book my flight for Estonia now :)

    really nice article Jaanika ;) !

    1. Thanks, Matthieu!

      Tallinn is great, but there are lot of other cool places to see :) You never know, maybe next time we meet in Estonia!

  3. oujee, püssirohukelder oli nooruspõlve lemmik koht:)