Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random access memories: history of photocamera in my life

I planned to show the picture and some cheers of my new camera, but instead I thought why not do a walk through the history of cameras and photos in my life. So here we go.

  • Jaanika (me!) was born in 1985 and when I was already holding my head, first close ups were made of me at my home. The next five years there are many black and white photos made of me and my family members.
  • 1990 the first colour-pictures! They were done in kindergarten and I looked lovely in my dress. If anyone is about my age or older, they probably remember those doll-like dresses everyone had.
  • Now comes the long time of period when we did pictures with our own camera. In estonian those were called soap-boxes. No name, no good looking cameras that did their job. So, you had to buy a film inside it, then after the film was full, wind the film together (yes, some were automatic), take it out, put it in a kinder surprise egg looking sealed cup and take it to photo-store. Usually it took like few months from taking the photos until you could actually see what was on them (if only we could have the patience we had then). I remember it wasn't very cheap to print photos - one photo was about 3,50 kroons (0,22 €), plus the printing (ilmutama?) cost. Let's say you had 36 photos, so it's 126 kroons and add 20 kroons for extra, it's all together 146 kroons (9,3 €)! and those were times when 100 kroons was enough to buy something for it. But already when digital cameras were ruling the market, the prices of printing pictures went down a lot. Last time when I printed pictures in Estonia, I payed 1,70 kroons (0,11 €) for one picture - that's twice as cheap what it used to be. Let's never forget those horrible cameras we all had - foggy photos, long waiting time and sky-high prices. 
  • I don't remember when I used the first digital camera, but it was about that time when I was in secondary school, so around 2001-2002. Ofcourse those cameras weren't mine, but more like someone's elder sister or other relative. Me and my best friend Kertu used to ask camera from my and her sister to make new photos for, which used to be a very important site for us then. And for many years I used some one else's cameras until I had my first own.
  • 2009 spring I buy my first digital camera. After long process of choosing, reading reviews, getting help from my friend Sigrid, I picked Canon Powershot XS110 IS. Gosh, was that a good camera. With good light and little editing I could do professional photos. Camera's menu stopped working properly after some years, but everything else functions properly until today. I started to feel like I need something better when I was doing photos of products - it was really in need of light. But I never imagined to own a SLR camera, moslty because of their price. 
  • 2013 september I get my first SLR camera. Well.. I will get it. It's still in post and coming with delivery on Monday or Tuesday. So far all the pictures you have seen here or in my facebook are the creations of Canon Powershot XS110 IS, but soon they will be by Pentax K-x. I have no comments about it, but you will definately see more in future.
As you can see it was a long journey from black and white photos to where I am now. I plan to start learning Adobe PS to make even better product photos and also photos of my friends and family memebers. You know they say that all people are photogenic with a help from a photographer. And I believe that is more than true. Well, picture say more than thousand words, so see you around :)

Soap box 

 My good-old friend that has served me for 4 years (Canon Powershot SX110 IS)

My new black beauty Pentax K-x

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  1. I remember those old photo cameras :D not sure if its foggy or bad light humh? :P and those older one s when you had to roll for every pic taken :D good old days. lol ^^ looking forward to see tha k-x ;)

  2. I think most of those pictures looked like there was a ghost on it :D Especially those ones taken at night :)