Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Planning a wedding // A wedding dress

Me and Igor are planning to get married next summer and allthough we don't plan a huge wedding, I still think it's good time to start planning. Wedding is something where I don't want to leave anything for the last minute. I have so far checked for wedding invitations and dresses. We are settled with the first one, but picking  dress feels like the worst nightmare. In my head I've imagined myself in lace dress, probably with straps. But the rest is like.. I have no idea! Cause I just don't know what cut fits me the best. And I don't want to have just a pretty dress, but also something that was perfect. Not much to ask, eh! 

Here are some dresses that I have liked so far. But none of them have made me think - yes, this is the one. And I won't ask Igor for advice, cause he is going to see it on our wedding day, not before. I am not supertitious, but I want to suprise him the same way as I do others (:

As you can see I'm not really into big fluffy princess dresses, but I am going more for elegant, vintage lace dresses. I plan to order customised dress from american site and pay extra for taxes, but still get a dress lot cheaper than from a local store. If anyone wants a link to it, I can share.

I am gladly waiting for your opinion about these dresses - would you pick any of these?

4 Responses to “Planning a wedding // A wedding dress”

  1. Keskmine kleit meeldib mulle kõige rohkem siit valikust :)

    1. Praegu, kui ma neid kleite vaatan, siis ideaalis võiks see olla midagi kahe esimese kleidi vahepealset. Mulle meeldivad esimese kleidi varrukad, aga rinnaosa võiks olla nagu teisel kleidil ja alumine osa võiks olla ka eest kinni nagu teisel :)

  2. Rinnaosa ja varrukad nagu esimesel, alumine osa nagu teisel. ;)