Monday, July 01, 2013

Not too bad, sir! Not too bad..

Hello, food! Ehk siis kaneelirull, mille taigen sai liiga soolane, sai soolaseks rulliks ja kuna olen liiga laisk, et taigent tükeldada, sai lillekujuline stritsel. Huhh! Taignas sai kasutatud täistera jahu, millel olid veel seemned ka sees ja peale sai raputad seemnete segu (kõrvitsa-, päevalille- ja seesamiseemned). Jah, tahan olla üli-tubli-tervislik. Ei- tegelt ikka väga ei ole..

This what you are looking at right now was supposed to be cinnamon rolls. But the cook's too loose hand put way too much salt into dough, making it impossible for the food to be sweet anymore.. Ofcourse nothing goes to waste, as with this dough, and instead of cinnamon rolls I created salty plaited bun (google translate) and it turned out delicious! I made the dough with full-grain flour and on top I added a mix of seeds. And what would be a baking without cheese :) Turned out yummy and everyone is enjoying- just what I was wishing for.

2 Responses to “Not too bad, sir! Not too bad..”

  1. Turned out yummy? It was deeeeeeeeelicious!!! :)

  2. Looks like a flower :) Very nice!!