Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet my EQUA crew

Today is much more special day than usually. When I arrived to work, it already felt different. People where excited, more fun than on regular day and the climate of our office seemed more cool than ever. Can it be connected to that we will have our awsome team hangout today.. maybe (:

Picture from our office window

Let me tell you about our team! I will start from ground floor where my working place is.


  • Across the table from me sits Miha, our fun and bananatastic graphic designer. He has very nice blue eyes with 2 angry bird eyebrows, if you know what I mean!
  • Next to me is Kinga, the most awsome modern gadget chick and huge Garbage fan. Btw she is hungarian, my fellow finno-ugric mate. 
  • Next to Miha is Matthieu who is a lovely french bird. But besides being a lovely french bird, he is very fun person and I like his humor (:
  • Then comes Martina, our czech beauty and cat lover. Btw she has some kittens to offer, so if anyone is in need of cat in Ljubljana, contact me!
  • Last but not least is little Anja. She is our german-austrian expert and she is very stylish (if I could, I'd steal her clothes, but they are way tiny for me weep, weep).

 Duckface is not a girl thing anymore. Matthieu & Miha bromancing
  • From upstaris you can find Maja. She is the master mind and idea machine behind lot of new projects. You can barely hear her, maybe just her big brains in work progress (:
  • Stella is a very lovely lady and I'm so jealous of her hair. I hope she will cut it MUAHAHA. I also really like her voice, you MUST hear it! 
  • Then there is Tina who is in China right now. But when she is here, she is like my mother and mental leader. And she also winks very cute. Wink wink (;
  • Next to Tina is Helena. Helena is quite undescribable - she is like everything good. And she has dirty humor like me. Me gusta.
  • Anže is our boss and the creator of EQUA. You can always tell where he is by his joyful and funny laughter (:
I hope I didn't forget anyone and all ya folks are happy how I described you. Ohh ohh.. today my kids are coming here with Igor and we are going to have a fun photoshoot in our backyards with pool and waterballoons. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh? (:

2 Responses to “Meet my EQUA crew”

  1. A tegelt oleks võinud selle jutu ka mõnesse kodusemasse keelde (no võtame esperanto, näiteks) dubleerida... Mitte, et ma Inglise keelt ei oskaks...

  2. Väga hea tähelepanek, Ahti!

    Esperanto koha pealt ei oska aidata, aga luban, et tõlgin nüüd kohe eesti keelde, enne kui meelest läheb ;)